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Simple Way to Expand the Point Usage: Luniverse Loyalty Point

The Impact of Introducing Loyalty Point System

The loyalty point system allows companies to expect new customers, loyal customer management, and revenue growth. Loyalty points have a significant role in driving sales, especially in this low-consumption era. As loyalty points become more important, you can see that the size of the point market is growing as shown in the image below.
However, the point systems have limitations now. The points are fragmented by company, and limited applications are available, so there is a limit to their usability. This led to a variety of attempts to integrate mileage points to give customers greater benefits in order to increase the value and utilization of the points.

Typical examples are mileage partnerships between airlines or affiliated companies. However, there were limitations that mileage consolidation would only allow businesses certified within the same industry or between the same affiliates. Therefore, a platform was needed to integrate partnerships with not only industrial and group affiliates, but also with more business. Finally, the blockchain-based loyalty point system can realize this.


1. Build up trust between companies; transparency in transactions
– Blockchain technology is distributed data storage technology. Its biggest feature is transparency, which records transactions transparently in books that anyone can access. It replicates them on multiple computers so that all participating companies can check them in real time. Since forgery is not possible, transactions between companies are managed transparently.
– It transparently records point transactions on the blockchain. Based on this, trust issues between companies can be solved. In addition to issuing and using, settlement is also important, but the required settlement infrastructure had to be developed individually in the existing environment. However, the blockchain based point system can unify each company’s infrastructure and policies as one, and various collaborations such as integrated marketing and customer data analysis are possible.
2. Reduce cost of platform deployment
– Instead of creating an integrated database, you can use BaaS(Blockchain as a Service) to run projects and manage data at a low cost.

– A relatively simple legacy link eliminates unnecessary processes to integrate all existing systems and simplifies costs.

3. Expand point usage
– Points can be listed on the digital asset exchange in the future because they are provided in token form.

– It enables to gain users and increase revenue through cross-enterprise point exchanges that make synergy.

Luniverse Loyalty Point

Blockchain-based Luniverse Loyalty Point supports establishing various consortia to enable point linkage between companies. Luniverse provides solutions that address business-to-business trust issues and link points at low cost.
This allows companies to gain additional points to increase the satisfaction of existing customers with points, gain new mutual customers through customer sharing and joint promotions, and get insights that help them earn revenue through analysis of customer purchase data.
We can link with existing legacy points within two weeks, and we use the Luniverse Blockchain to solve trust problems through an unmodifiable environment, and support the establishment of a consortium to adjust exchange rates for each point or enable cash.

Expected Impact of Introducing Luniverse Loyalty Point

1. Expand points usage through point linkage between companies → Strengthen existing customers’ loyalty

2. Share customer pools between companies, joint marketing → Acquire new mutual customers

3. Analyze customer purchase data → Gain customer insight


1. Travel/leisure Alliance MiL.K

MiL.K is a leisure integrated point platform that connects the points of many companies in the travel industry. MiL.k platform users can view the points of companies participating in the MiL.k Alliance at once and convert existing points to MLK Token and use them by converting other companies’ points. In other words, MLK is the medium for point exchange, allowing users to exchange points at any time. For example, consumers go through a series of ‘travel’ processes (ticket reservations, hotel reservations, local restaurants) to easily acquire and use a single point of integration. That is, points earned from ticket purchases are used for hotel reservations, and points earned from restaurants are used for ticket purchases.

Currently, various travel and leisure-related companies, including Dilka, Seoul Airport Limousine, and Shinsegae Duty Free, have participated in the alliance, focusing on Yanolja, Korea’s No. 1 travel reservation platform. Points issued by each company can be easily changed through the Milk app, and even cashed through the exchange where tokens are listed.
2. Health Alliance HAU

HAU is a healthcare integrated reward platform that integrates and manages customer benefits (mileage) and information of interest for various online and offline healthcare services. Like MiL.k, HAU platform users can use the points of companies participating in HAU alliance by converting them into HAU tokens or points of other companies. In addition to products and services from specific companies, HAU users also benefit from a network of affiliates. In addition, we provide user-friendly apps for more convenient management of health-related products, various points, mileage, and discount coupons.

HAU alliance partners also share a highly relevant customer pool, enabling cross-selling through the platform. For example, consider a way to sell a liver health clinic discount coupon to a customer who purchased a health functional food product from HAU. This cross-selling allows each partner to create a win-win synergy.

In Conclusion

Starting with Mil.K and HAU, Luniverse continue to build alliances that can create synergy in various industries. Invite various companies that want to expand their sales through Luniverse Loyalty Point to the consortium. To activate the loyalty point market, we support free introduction of Luniverse Loyalty Point to the existing point system.

We also provide a free trial, so feel free to contact here if you are interested.

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