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Luniverse 2.0
Enterprise Blockchain Cloud

Accelerate your blockchain journey with our enterprise-grade chain built for businesses of all sizes.
Innovators across disciplines, industries and organizations are navigating the next wave of blockchain technology with Luniverse.


Enterprise blockchain for businesses of today

Penetrate new markets, deliver innovative experiences to your customers on an enterprise-grade blockcain infrastructure that is scalable, reliable and secure.

Apply quickly with low code developer tools

Develop smart contracts using templates, automatically generate REST APIs and track transaction history.


Wallet services to safeguard digital assets

Wallet options such as Wallet Bridge, Account Bridge, and Vault Service easily integrate with your preferred wallet service and manage your keys safely.


Blockchain-first services

Leverage blockchain services that work in real business. Integrate various services such as NFT, DID, Trace, and Royalty Point like Lego blocks.

Various support programs for customers

We support domestic and international publicity programs to secure marketing and investment channels, and support business growth leveraging various promotion opportunities and marketing.

Affordable development costs

Reduce development costs with predictable subscription billing. Testing and developing on sidechains is free, with zero gas fee. 

Luniverse Architecture

Experience the New Luniverse BaaS 3.0

Blockchain as a Service, Luniverse 2.0

Flexible, scalable sidechain technology in a standalone environment, our high-performing sidechain solutions are powered by
layer-2 technology that bridges to the mainchain by a chain router.
Deploy and manage your blockchain environment at an unrivaled scale and speed with low code.


Blockchain Environment

Rapid Provisioning

From Geth-based LPoA chains to enterprise-optimized Hyperledger Besu and Hyperledger Fabric, we support various chain protocols.

Visualized Dashboard

Visualized dashboard for monitoring blockchain operation data, such as chain and node information.

Trusted Anchoring

We provide anchoring status information of the mainchain in a transparent and reliable way.

Blockchain Explorer

Build reliability for dApp users by disclosing all transaction and block data. Provides each blockchain scan viewer site from mainchain to sidechain.

Contracts, Transaction Action

Develop with Low Code

Contract Resource

A variety of contract templates are offered to our users. By separately managing contract meta information, smart contracts can be deployed to multiple chains.

Deploy Management

Check the status of your contracts through the contract distribution function. You can import and deploy not only registered contract resources, but also externally deployed smart contracts.

Tx (Transaction) Action

REST APIs are automatically created to interact with contracts at the application level, allowing you to reduce costs by developing with low code.


Smart Design for Digital Assets

Easy Token Economy

In just a few simple clicks, design a borderless token economy for both tangible and intangible assets.

Tokens as Real-Life Values

The only token service compatible with cryptocurrency exchanges. Deliver value to dApps with utility side tokens and pegged main tokens.

Secure Whitelists and Bulk Transfer

Ensure secure transactions with the EOA whitelist feature. Execute large-capacity transfers with just a few clicks.

IAM, Environment Account

Secure Permission & Account Management

IAM (Identity and Access Management)

Securely control access to your resources with IAM User management features.

API Key by Permission

Create multiple API keys for each purpose and manage permissions. Enhance your security with the IP whitelist feature.

Environment Account - EOA/DEOA Wallet

Various types of EOA are supported for each purpose. Remote signing of DEOA (Delegated Externally Owned Account) makes it easy to handle repetitive signatures. Keep your keys safe with the security-enhanced Vault feature.

Luniverse User Management Service

Vault Service

Ensure your private keys stay safe and secure through our fully-managed solution. Securely backup or retrieve your private keys.

Wallet Bridge

Customize your wallet to suit your preferences. Our Wallet Bridge links and supports various wallets of blockchain-based applications.

Account Bridge

Facilitate the conversion into decentralized apps and minimize dev costs while Luniverse manages Externally Owned Accounts (EOAs).

Luniverse PKMS

Store private keys and their digital signage through our Private Key Management Service.

Customizable Blockchain Services

 Blockchain services such as NFT, DID, Trace, and Loyalty Point can be combined like building blocks, tailored to your business needs.


A number of major institutions and enterprises are currently deploying Proof of Concept with the Luniverse NFT demo. Join us now at Luniverse NFT.

Transform real-world objects such as art, music, in-game items, or other intellectual property into digital assets through Luniverse NFT. Be the first to lead innovation across industries.


Trace™️ is a blockchain-based data verification and tracking service managed through a console or API. Thanks to the immutable nature of blockchain data, we can build a trusted service where services are managed safely through recorded data.


DID(Decentralized Identity) promises a complete restructuring of the currently centralized physical and digital identity ecosystem into a decentralized and democratized architecture.

Luniverse DID services offer API and Wallet SDK services for organizations wanting to leverage DID to protect privacy with highly secure user experiences.

Loyalty Point

Loyalty Point is a blockchain-based consolidated loyalty network operated by Luniverse. The securely operated program allows points generated through the Loyalty Point system to be saved and retrieved. They can also be tokenized or exchanged as digital assets between enterprises. 

Reasonable and Sustainable TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP

Predictable operational costs with our pay-as-you-go pricing
Sidechain free of gas fees

Empower your Teams and Run your Business on Blockchain.