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Luniverse Tools

Lineup of Luniverse toolkit
Upgrade to Web3 easily with our comprehensive Luniverse blockchain APIs.

Luniverse Pre-built Service

Adopt blockchain technology to your service using Luniverse pre-built service.

Luniverse NFT Multichain minting platform

Experience the trusted Multichain NFT service from Luniverse, with NFT Bridge and Wallet Services included.

Loyalty point Make customer journey special

Create a consolidated loyalty network with streamlined integration and check at a glance.

Trace Operate/Track Data with Ease

Record, track, and verify data safely and securely through simplified data recording process without any blockchain experience needed.

DID (Decentralized Identity): Safeguard data with blockchain

Save data leakage prevention cost and provide highly secure user experience.

Luniverse Green NFT 

Mint with easy media upload and send NFT through multichain API with environmentally-sustainable blockchain technology.

Luniverse Green NFT

You can easily manage NFT minting data and transfer NFTs using multi-chain APIs. Experience a blockchain environment implemented with sustainable and eco-friendly technology now.

Scalable Multichain

Storage: Supports connections to decentralized cloud storage like IPFS.
Fast: Build your own blockchain service with Restful API.
Easy: Various sample codes and user-friendly guides (e.g., demo tutorials/videos) are provided.

Multichain Bridge

Through a multi-chain bridge, NFTs issued on Luniverse can be exchanged with other chains like Ethereum.
Enjoy the benefits of the Ronin sidechain and scalability to various blockchain platforms through the bridge.

Affordable Price

Mint with ease
Now you can mint and manage NFTs on different chains only with a single platform, Luniverse.
Low gas fees
By utilizing the Luniverse sidechain, you can operate NFTs at a reasonable cost without the need for high gas fees.

Sustainable Blockchain

Environmental friendliness achieved by significantly reducing carbon emissions compared to proof-of-work (PoW) consensus algorithms like Bitcoin.
Third-party certification
The power consumption of Luniverse has been certified by a third-party organization, DNV (Click to view)

API perfection

Simplifies Development Process Luniverse API provides a comprehensive set of endpoints for creating and managing accounts, sending and receiving transactions, and querying the blockchain, streamlining the development process.

Luniverse Mainnet Token

Create token on Mainnet environment first and go public through ERC20 contract.

Luniverse Sidechain Token

Utilize token system without any gas fee on Luniverse Sidechain

Operate Smarter with Luniverse Trace™️

Employee Contracts

Manage employee contracts, nondisclosure agreements, PTOs and more.

Individual Contracts

Manage contracts for trading unlisted stocks, and for second-hand markets.

Governmental Contracts

Manage governmental real estate electronic contract systems, notrization services and more.

Service Contracts

Record and manage contracts for car rentals and leases, phone bills and agreements.

Over 1,400 enterprises are operating their services on Luniverse Pre-built service.


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