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Brand Assets

Luniverse’s official brand assets including a Press Kit and logos available in different formats. 

Press Kit

About Lambda256

Lambda256 (CEO Jay Park), established as an independent corporation in March 2019, is the blockchain tech arm of Dunamu. Lambda256 developed and operates Luniverse, a cloud-based blockchain infrastructure and Web3 development platform that is paving the way for the commercialization of blockchain technology and the creation of a vibrant ecosystem.

Since its establishment, Lambda256 has been developing and operating Luniverse, a blockchain infrastructure and Web3 development platform that has the capacity to discover and grow blockchain technology companies, tokenize tangible and intangible assets through NFT and STO, as well as create new businesses based on these technologies to popularize blockchain in the era of Web3. Series A funding in March 2021, and Series B in December 2021 achieved a cumulative amount of $85M Also, Lambda CEO Jay Park received an award from the Ministry of Science and Technology in the blockchain sector at the 2022 Blockchain Grand Week.

In particular, in order to expand the global NFT business, Lambda256 established CYPHRLY in the US, which operates its own NFT marketplace and in-house creative studio, CYPHRLY Studio. Lambda256 supported the development and operation of various NFT marketplaces such as Upbit NFT and Momentica, and is also conducting NFT technology and business partnerships with both overseas and Korean companies such as Barunson, Lotte Home Shopping, and Hyundai Department Store.

Lastly, in 2019 Lambda256 commercialized the world’s-first Travel Rule solution ‘Luniverse Travel Rule’, in response to digital asset Travel Rule regulations. The Travel Rule solution was commercialized via VerifyVASP, a partner of Lambda256. On March 25th, 2022, the revised regulation took effect in Korea, and since then Korean digital asset exchanges, including Upbit, are using VerifyVASP.

About Luniverse

Luniverse is a Web3 infrastructure service platform that offers innovative technology such as a development environment, API, and operation tools that allow users to quickly and easily create blockchain services. The development environment allows all developers and companies to apply blockchain technology to businesses and enter the Web3 space without difficulty. Highly efficient blockchain services can be developed and operated with ease thanks to simple network settings, convenient operating tools, and high-performance chains of over 3000TPS.

Luniverse provides a Multichain environment that uses ERC20 and ERC721 Bridge technology to connect various public chains such as Ethereum, Klaytn, and Solana via Layer 2 chains. It can be utilized to advance blockchain and Web3 services while maintaining low gas fees and reasonable costs.

Aiming to become an eco-friendly blockchain, Luniverse dramatically reduced power consumption that can occur during virtual asset mining. As a result, it received certification from DNV, a third-party international organization, and also joined the CCA in working toward a goal of low carbon emissions by 2040. In October 2022, Luniverse obtained the highest 1st grade of the Good Software (GS) certification in Korea.

In 2023 Luniverse will upgrade to Luniverse NOVA, a new version of Luniverse that includes all services required to build Web3, NFT, and other blockchain services. It will introduce blockchain node services, Multichain API for Ethereum and Polygon blockchain development, as well as a dashboard and data indexing features required for easy blockchain service operation.

About CYPHRLY Studio

CYPHRLY Studio is a CIC group of Lambda256 that plans and produces NFT projects for the Web3 market, together with brands and companies from various fields. It also provides a user-friendly marketplace based on powerful Web3 technology, that approaches design from the consumer’s point of view. From trend analysis of NFT projects to project planning and overall branding, we produce NFT content with top creators from diverse areas including 2D design, 3D design, and video.

About The Balance

The Balance is the Mainnet of Luniverse that operates as a Consortium to create a vibrant Web3 ecosystem. Currently, members include a total of seven recognized and trusted companies: LG U+, Devsisters, Kakao Enterprise, Megazone Cloud, DSC Investment, Hankyoreh, and Maeil Business (Mblock). We aim to support and deploy everything necessary to build Web3 services, from initial business consulting to economy design, construction, and operation, for companies that want to enter Web3. The Balance does not issue its own coin, it operates based on a business model where voting by member companies determines participation in Web3 projects. Those that are chosen are actively supported, and results are shared according to the level of contribution.


Brand Assets

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