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Luniverse PoA
Build your own side chain network

Create, customize, and connect your personalized side chain network with Luniverse PoA

Luniverse PoA

Luniverse PoA that empowers your enterprise with secure, high-performance blockchain technology. Unlock the potential of decentralized solutions for enhanced efficiency and scalability.

Luniverse PoA​

Secure and High-Performance Blockchain Technology

Luniverse PoA delivers fast transaction processing and a capacity of 3,200 TPS for a powerful operating environment.

Rapidly Deployable Infrastructure

Quickly build blockchain infrastructure with Luniverse PoA, reducing a typical six-month process to just two weeks.

Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Technology

Luniverse PoA offers DNV-certified eco-friendly blockchain technology, reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions, and supports Clean Claims Agreement (CCA) membership for eco-certification.

Unlimited expansion with Luniverse PoA

Empower Enterprise

Develop enterprise applications with Luniverse PoA that enable safe and fast transaction processing.

Streamline & Efficiency

Leverage inter-company blockchains to share transaction data in real-time, optimizing business processes and boosting overall efficiency.

Cost efficiency

Enhance transaction transparency to minimize or eliminate intermediaries, significantly reducing operational costs.

Innovate Processes

Construct and connect networks with Luniverse PoA to revolutionize traditional business processes while fostering secure and stable internal blockchain networks.

Elevate Security

Fortifying your network’s security and dependability, transition seamlessly from centralized to distributed infrastructure.


Luniverse PoA is a high-performance and secure blockchain architecture based on the Clique consensus protocol, combining Layer 1 stability with Layer 2 speed. It offers independent sidechains for each decentralized application (DApp) while providing zero gas fees, robust security, and advanced transaction pipeline technology. Luniverse PoA is an ideal choice for enterprises looking to innovate their operations through blockchain technology.

Projects on

Luniverse Sidechain


PSY’s official NFT, PSYger, was created using Luniverse. Additionally, the official Discord community, soPSYety, is a prime example of providing holder verification through PSYger NFTs. This showcases the potential for NFTs to expand beyond blockchain and into other communities.


MIL.K, based on Luniverse PoA, is a blockchain project that integrates points from various travel and leisure services. Currently, various travel and leisure service providers such as Yanolja, Dilka, Seoul Airport Limousine, and Shilla Duty Free Shop are participating in the MIL.K point ecosystem. The project helps individuals with different types of mileage to exchange and integrate them into “MILK Coins” on the MIL.K platform. This allows users to easily use their mileage on the MIL.K platform without the hassle of managing multiple point systems.


By adopting Luniverse PoA, Gluwa can break free from the limitations of centralized traditional financial infrastructure and enable the launch of decentralized financial services and products. To achieve this, Gluwa offers various features, among which Luniverse serves as a Layer 2 solution for Gluwa Coin. It employs a two-way peg to connect the Luniverse sidechain and Ethereum mainnet, providing seamless integration and enhanced functionality.

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