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The Balance
Multichain Middleware for Web 3.0

Tech Launchpad for NFT, Metaverse, Games, Art and DeFi

The Balance​

The Balance is a consortium blockchain maintained by a distributed network of validator nodes participating in the Proof of Authority (PoA) consensus mechanism. This innovative model ensures the platform’s integrity, stability, and reliability while fostering a collaborative environment. PoA consensus leverages the reputation and credibility of known validators, resulting in a more energy-efficient and scalable network, crucial for modern blockchain applications. The Balance consortium chain offers a flexible foundation for various applications, mitigating risks such as centralization and potential network attacks.

Governance Features

Easy And Efficient

Build your own Web 3.0 blockchain service on The Balance. Luniverse significantly reduces the transaction time and cost and provide a high-performing transaction processing with PoA algorithm. The Balance service partners are provided with highly reliable infrastructure and developer tools to build DApp services, such as GUI Console, REST API, and Multichain Bridge

Safe And Stable

Build with security. Luniverse Dapps have Zero mainnet incident and provide a stable blockchain development environment


Certified by DNV, Lunivesre resolves both transaction and environmental problem on the existing blockchain networks.

Our Service


Strategy & Architecture

Hand-picked projects go through an assessment. Based on the initiatives from the assessment, business strategy, and architecture target model are established.

Development & Implementation

Curated Web 3.0 infrastructure and The Balance’s leading blockchain technologies are implemented in line with the strategy and architecture target model. Based on Rosetta API, integration with any API is seamless and effortless.

Economy Ecosystem

Working closely with crypto industry experts, a sustainable economy ecosystem is defined.


On The Balance community, the project is introduced and highlighted. The project is going to receive continuous community support from the team throughout.

The Balance Validators

Validators are the backbone of The Balance’s mainnet. With industry-leading enterprises on board as validators for The Balance, it is our goal to enhance our mainnet ecosystem with transparency, security, and censorship resistancy.

Ongoing Projects

Meet our service partners’ ongoing projects on The Balance now.

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