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Multichain Middleware
for Web3 Developers

Build, deploy and manage innovative solutions using blockchains.
Blockchain Service Platform for Web3 Developers

One-stop Platform for Web3 Business

Playground for Web3 developers Luniverse test is now open! Start a free trial today.

Luniverse NFT

NFT Total Solution for multichain solving gas fee and environmental problems 

Loyalty Point

Blockchain-based loyalty service platform with transparency of the transactions 


Blockchain-based data verification service for on-chain data collection, analytics management


Decentralized digital identity services for Self-Sovereignty Identity (SSI) management 


Zero Gas Fee

Zero Gas Fee

Build and test your Web3 service on Luniverse sidechain without gas free. Reduce development cost with reasonable subscription model.

Zero Accident

Zero Accident

Experience an enterprise-level blockchain service platform without security concerns.

Zero Carbon

Zero Carbon

Certified Green NFT platform to mint and manage NFTs with almost zero carbon emission rate

Best Environment for
DApp Development and Operation

Blockchain Environment

Our high-performing sidechain solutions are powered by layer-2 technology that bridges to the mainchain “The Balance”.  Deploy and manage your blockchain environment with supported infrastructure such as Luniverse wallet, bridge, and multichain APIs. 

Web3 API for Developers

Develop smart contracts using templates and automatically generate REST APIs and track transaction history easily.

User Guide for Builders

Seamless and easy process of building and developing a blockchain service with a fast and reasonable development environment

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Build Future of Web3

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