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Blockchain economy consulting for Enterprise to penetrate into the Web3 market

Introduction to Luniverse Chain Solutions & Blockchain Consulting


Lambda256 provides an eco-friendly blockchain service platform called ‘Luniverse’ based on the cloud. As a representative model of Enterprise Tech, which has taken the lead in expanding the base of blockchain technology and creating an ecosystem, we are introducing various services through continuous development updates.

Blockchain consulting supports the establishment of business processes and strategic initiatives, addressing and guiding verification issues arising from business decision-making. “We offer a development platform and a variety of support programs to help companies planning next-generation Web 3.0 services successfully launch blockchain solutions.”



Consulting provided by Lambda256 consists of a blockchain-based business model guide, business process development and technology utilization guide.

We provide all-encompassing guide to address the lack of understanding regarding complex markets, increased time costs, inability to validate technology, and the absence of a trusted partner.

Based on various success stories unique to Luniverse, you can experience differentiated blockchain solutions tailored to your company’s needs. We provide risk management advice necessary for project promotion, and you can experience rapid business realization and cost reduction through the project structure/process hment/technology utilization guide.

1)For Developer

We provide an environment and technical advice that allows you to focus on service development without the burden of implementing and operating blockchain-based services

2)For Enterprise

Easily deploy blockchain and provide Web3 business opportunities so that business decisions are not burdensome

3)For End-user

Blockchain-Savvy <->Induce active network participation to minimize gaps between companies



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