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Luniverse Bridge – Official Audit Report by SOOHO

Luniverse Bridge developed by the blockchain middleware service provider Lambda256, released the official security audit report through the partnership with SOOHO. The audit focuses on the assessment of smart contracts to evaluate the Luniverse bridge’s reliability and security. 

Key Audit Points 

The Luniverse Bridge project is a NFT bridge project based on ERC 721 protocol. SOOHO Audit team focused on reviewing whether the contract is constructed well following the standard protocol, gas optimization of the contract, or probability of unintended behaviors occurring, etc.


[Full version of the audit report ]


Additional Work to Enhance the Security

The Luniverse Bridge team is well aware of the importance of safe movement and storage of assets by users within the ecosystem. Therefore, in addition to receiving smart contract audits from Sooho, the bridge itself did the following additional works to enhance the security. 

(1) Multi-signature

Multi-signature is a feature that requires at least one signature to move funds. When a user requests the transfer of funds to Bridge DApp, Luniverse Bridge requires multiple signatures to support secure transfer of funds.

Unlike a single key, the multi-sig function allows funds to be safely moved only when multiple signatures are provided with separate and archived keys. Therefore, even if one key is missed, it is safe to use the remaining keys to protect the funds.

(2) Serverless

Serverless function is an architecture that builds services without having to build on a separate server infrastructure that operations are not always handled by running virtual machines or servers. Because the AWS virtual machine’s server runs only when an event triggers, service providers can operate safely with less risks.


SOOHO provides blockchain enterprise services such as automatic analysis of smart contract vulnerabilities and anti-money laundering solutions based on blockchain data collection, processing, and analysis. The assets of our customers protected by Suho IO amount to a cumulative 3.4 trillion won(2.7 billion USD) and contribute to development and security, including 17,482 vulnerabilities (as of September 21).


About Luniverse

Lambda256, a leading global BaaS(Blockchain-as-a-service) provider, has built, deployed, and managed large blockchain networks through its flagship platform, the Luniverse Console, with more than 2,000 enterprise customers. Luniverse has supported companies realize and adopt the value of blockchain through a series of solutions, including NFT, DID, Trace™, Point, etc.

Luniverse Bridge is a bridge protocol that connects major blockchains including Ethereum, the Balance (Luniverse Mainnet), and Luniverse Sidechain. Luniverse Bridge enables artists and creators to efficiently issue and mint NFTs, operate blockchain services through low gas rates and fast transaction speed. Luniverse ecosystem, The Balance and Sidechain, are creating a powerful ecosystem of crosschain networks through Luniverse Bridge.


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