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Luniverse NOVA Update – Multichain APIs Now Opened!

We are thrilled to announce a major update in Luniverse NOVA, featuring the launch of multichain APIs. This update expands the possibilities within the public chain ecosystem, opening up new avenues for developers. With the introduction of these powerful multichain APIs, developers can now easily develop and operate blockchain services(DApps) on popular Web3 domains such as Ethereum and Polygon. They can leverage convenient API tools to enhance their development process.

Multichain API for Web3 Developers

Luniverse’s multichain API allows seamless management of assets, transactions, and data statistics when developing and operating blockchain services on public chain networks like Polygon and Ethereum.

Key API Categories

Let’s explore some of the key API categories offered by Luniverse NOVA for Web3 developers.

NFT API The NFT API enables users to retrieve information such as the list of NFTs owned by a specific address, transfer history of a particular NFT, and search metadata using address or keywords.

Token API The Token API allows users to access a range of features, including the ability to retrieve the list of tokens owned by a specific address, explore the transaction history of a particular token, and search metadata by address or keywords.

Web3 Pass API The Web3 Pass API enables the issuance of passes based on ownership of NFT collections by EOA (Externally Owned Account). It supports permissions, physical asset ownership, and member authentication. By utilizing the Token ID and Property Value of a single NFT or NFT Collection, this API opens up various functionalities, such as granting access to specific communities or events. It can authorize online communities for specific NFT holders or create systems for offline activities like concert ticketing.

Statistics API The Statistics API offers valuable network statistics collected through Luniverse’s advanced data pipeline. It provides insights that are otherwise challenging to obtain through direct interfaces from blockchain network nodes. Users can access metrics such as daily or hourly transactions and active account counts for the network or specific contracts.

Webhook API The Webhook API serves as a real-time notification and subscription tool to receive on-chain events. As blockchain transactions operate asynchronously, features like Webhooks are essential for DApp development. Developers can receive detailed event information at the registered endpoint when specified conditions are met by defining and registering desired on-chain events. Webhooks can be fine-tuned to enable real-time responsive UI or user notification functionalities in DApp operations.

Ethereum, Polygon JSON-RPC Luniverse NOVA offers seamless access to JSON-RPC APIs from Ethereum Nodes and Polygon POS Nodes, ensuring smooth integration with these leading blockchain networks.

To learn more about Luniverse NOVA and its APIs, please visit our API Documentation.

Why Choose Luniverse Multichain API?

Luniverse’s multichain APIs allow developers to effortlessly operate DApp services through easy retrieval of token balances across multiple wallets and powerful management of transaction history records related to specific accounts. It also simplifies complex tasks that were challenging to implement using existing JSON-RPCs provided by networks like Ethereum. With Luniverse multichain APIs, users can query specific events generated by smart contracts and access network activation indicators like the number of users and transactions for specific contracts. Additionally, the APIs provide features like calculating estimated transaction fees, and tracking the status of submitted transactions or desired events.

Here are some of APIs offered by Luniverse multichain API:

  • listMultiAccountsBalance: Retrieve balances of native tokens owned by multiple accounts (wallets).
  • listAccountTransactions: Retrieve transaction history related to a specific account.
  • getNextNonce: Retrieve the next valid transaction nonce for a specific account.
  • searchEvent: Search and retrieve specific events generated within a defined block range by a smart contract.

Luniverse also provides Onboarding Guide to assist developers in migrating to Luniverse and integrating it into their existing Web3 development environments. This step-by-step guide offers comprehensive instructions for a smooth transition. Whether you are looking to develop blockchain services with ease or facing challenges in self-hosted operations on public chains, we invite your to try Luniverse’s multichain API for free.

Experience the Power of Luniverse NOVA for Free!

As a beta version supporting public chains, Luniverse is currently offering the new functions of Luniverse NOVA for free! Take advantage of this opportunity to explore Luniverse Console and Developer Portal, where you can experience all these features at no cost.

Get Started:

API Docs:

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