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Announcing the Official Launch of Luniverse Nova – Get Early Bird Benefits Now!


Introducing Luniverse NOVA – the most reliable web3 development platform supporting public chains like Polygon and Ethereum!

To celebrate the launch of Luniverse’s public chain expansion support version, we are hosting a special event for our community. Experience the new features of the NOVA version and get a chance to receive USDC and exclusive NFTs only for early bird users.

It’s simple to participate – just sign up for a Luniverse console account and create a node! Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity.  Join now and be a part of the future with Luniverse NOVA!


Sign up Luniverse NOVA and create node to win USDC in 3 mins! Experience the new version of Luniverse now. 

  • Event Period: March 31st – June 30th
  • How to participate
    • Sign up – Log in to the console and go to “My Page – Promotion”
    • Enter the exclusive promotion code 
  • Promotion Code: qqiv-fxho-9bzf-1eaf
  • Prizes: Create Node to be eligible for winning 1st-3rd place, Sign up for 5 USDC
    • 1st place – 1000 USDC (1 winner)
    • 2nd place – 500 USDC (2 winners)
    • 3rd place – 100 USDC (5 winners)
    • All participants who entered the promotion code – 5 USDC (500 winners)
    • The reward will be distributed to the winner’s wallet address within 4 weeks after the promotion period


Get early bird membership NFT for Luniverse NOVA Discount! We are giving away the exclusive membership NFT during the first 3 months of launch. 

  • Event Period: March 31st – June 30th
  • How to Participate
    • Sign up for the console and enter the promotion code (along with your METAMASK wallet address)
  • Promotion Code: qcqo-fnpq-h2uk-6x8e
  • Reward (for 500 winners)
    • Lunie NFT, which grants future NOVA discount coupons
      • Early access when Nova Polygon version is launched(TBA)
      • Discounts on future Nova product usage fees (distributed in coupon form – announcement planned for April)
      • Early access to future Luniverse marketing campaigns
    • Airdrop schedule: Airdrops will be made in May!


STEP 1. Sign up for Luniverse Console, and click [My page-Promotion] on the right top of the console. 

STEP 2. Fill out the 16 digit promotion code (promotion 1 – 000000/ promotion 2 – 0000000 ) in the box 

STEP 3. Fill out your wallet address (the wallet should support Polygon network) and checkbox of the promotion privacy policy. Click [Submit] to complete the promotion. 


STEP 1. Click [Nodes] on the left menu bar. 

STEP 2. Click [+Create Node] button. 

STEP 3. Select the blockchain network for your development environment. 

STEP 4. Fill out the information and click [Create]. 

STEP 5. You will see [Running] on the Nodes page. Congratulations! You’ve successfully created your first node on Luniverse NOVA. 

📍 Event Guideline

  • Limit one (1) entry per person during the Promotion Period. Duplicate entries by a single participant will be disqualified.
  • To be eligible, participant must provide all information requested on the entry form. Participants who submitted invalid information won’t be eligible for the event promotion.
  • If you have any questions related to the event, please feel free to contact us through the Luniverse Discord Community or via email at
  •  Promotion Privacy Policy

If you have any question regarding the promotion or product, join us on Discord and let us know!

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