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Luniverse 2022 Annual Report

Looking Back at 2022

2022 was a whirlwind for Web3, we saw people lose money and a number of big Web3 players go under. Among other things, inadequate infrastructure and poor management strategies were key to many accidents that occurred over the past year. However, despite a difficult year for Web3 users and companies, significant advancements and developments also took place. Many developers are investing time and resources into building during the crypto winter, to find solutions for issues that are hindering the growth of a safe and reliable Web3 ecosystem.

Luniverse has also been busy building, and experienced a fruitful 2022 full of exciting innovations and developments. This report sums up a few of our most important milestones and product launches, plus Luniverse’s big plans for 2023.

The above infographic sums up all the improvements and accomplishments that Luniverse made in 2022! We will address some of these points in more detail as part of the following sections but as you can see, Luniverse achieved significant growth over the last year. Some of the most notable stats are as follows:

  • Total sales increased by 3.6x from $2.24m to $8m
  • Total clients increased by 25% from 2,772 to 3,481 clients
  • More than a 50% increase in live chains from 50 to 79 chains
Keep reading to find out more about how Luniverse spent the last year improving and building our services!


New Luniverse Features & Services

Our team worked tirelessly throughout 2022 to plan and release a number of brand-new solutions and features. Let us introduce a few additions to our line-up of innovative products and services based on the Luniverse blockchain:

Luniverse Testnet Launch

One of our most exciting announcements last year was the launch of the Luniverse Testnet! The test environment is currently open for Web3 builders and developers to try out. The 60-day free trial allows you to take advantage of features and products offered by Luniverse, to see if our services are right for you. Users can deploy smart contracts, use Tx Action functions, issue and send tokens, as well as use our handy APIs.

We also released our first-ever community Webinar to introduce Luniverse and provide a demo of the Testnet. It’s available to watch below or on Luniverse’s YouTube channel. We’re planning to create more video content and Webinars in 2023, so be sure to follow our social media pages!

Luniverse Bridge Launch

In April, the Luniverse Bridge was announced, a service designed to allow assets based on the Luniverse blockchain to be easily transferred to other blockchains. The Bridge service makes moving digital assets convenient for users and developers, all with no gas fees and high performance. Currently, the bridge supports Ethereum and Klaytn, and we are adding more chains soon, including Solana, Polygon, and more!


Mainnet “The Balance” & “Tech Launchpad

In May Luniverse launched “The Balance”, a blockchain platform that functions like a cloud, where services can be borrowed without building a separate Mainnet. Companies looking to utilize blockchain services no longer need to worry about operating a Mainnet. Instead, they can focus on issuing and distributing the virtual assets needed to optimize their business. The Balance provides a reliable Layer 1 Mainchain, and scalable Layer 2 Sidechains that facilitate high availability and performance, with absolutely zero gas fees.

We also released the “Tech Launchpad”, an all-encompassing consulting service designed for companies that plan to enter the Web3 space. Businesses can receive consultations regarding all aspects of blockchain and Web3 integration including guidance on using blockchain technology, how to develop business models, types of technical strategies, as well as how to operate Web3 communities. We aim to lower the entry barrier, by offering tailored consulting from blockchain experts. We’re currently onboarding two exciting Metaverse projects, Openmeta City and Stelsi, look out for updates in the near future!



VerifyVASP is a Travel Rule solution for virtual asset service providers (VASPs). The Travel Rule requires regulated entities to ensure certain information about parties involved in transactions over a certain amount ‘travels’ with the transaction to the receiving entity. In 2021, the scope of regulation was updated to include many cryptocurrency and NFT businesses. In response Lambda256 partnered with VerifyVASP, to create a decentralized protocol that facilitates secure and immediate data sharing between VASPs.

VerifyVASP received massive interest from the get-go, hitting 1 million transactions just 86 days after launching in March. Then in November, the service crossed 2 million transactions and grew the alliance to 80 members. Finally, in December VerifyVASP passed the US$50 billion milestone for the value of virtual assets transferred using Travel Rule solutions. An amazing year, that can definitely be topped in 2023.


Luniverse NFT Developments

2022 saw many changes and developments in the world of NFTs and digital collectibles. Luniverse’s green NFT technology and robust infrastructure make it the perfect choice for NFT projects, especially for brands and individuals that are conscious about the environment. Here are some notable NFT projects from 2022 that are based on Luniverse!


CYPHRLY is a curated NFT marketplace that provides authentic digital collectibles created with cutting-edge technology. Following its launch in 2022, CYPHRLY has helped a number of IPs, brands, and creators enter the world of Web3 with NFTs designed by the talented in-house creative team. This is just the beginning, as users can look forward to more exciting partnerships that will be announced this year.


Momentica is a digital collectible platform that provides innovative fan-artist experiences for global music lovers. Currently, users can collect and trade digital collectibles from popular K-Pop artists such as ENHYPHEN, SEVENTEEN, LE SSERAFIM, and others. More diverse genres and artists are planned to join the platform soon.

Barunson E&A

In 2022 Lambda256 announced a partnership with Barunson E&A, the producers of critically-acclaimed “Parasite”, to build an NFT film community. Members will be able to enjoy the new project that uses NFTs to bring movie lovers together, as well as provide meaningful experiences and community events. Keep your eyes peeled for more details soon!

Partnerships & Awards

Some of our important milestones this year were pivotal in increasing Luniverse’s reputation as a reliable and sustainable blockchain. Listed below are some of the notable achievements made by Luniverse and Lambda256 in 2022:

  • In April, Luniverse received certification from DNV regarding its electricity consumption and greenhouse gas emissions from the Luniverse Mainnet, further solidifying our commitment to providing environmentally sustainable blockchain solutions.
  • Lambda256 announced some strong partnerships with influential brands such as Solana, LG U+, and Shinhan Investment & Securities. Check out our blog or join our Discord server for announcements and information about how these exciting new partnerships will develop in 2023.
  • Luniverse obtained the highest 1st grade of Good Software (GS) certification, administered by the Korea Information and Communication Technology Association in October. The test is based on items such as software functionality, reliability, efficiency, and usability. This certification will help assure users and enterprises that Luniverse will provide stable and verified services, as we strive to expand the Web3 and blockchain industry.
  • Finally, in December Lambda256 CEO Jay Park received an award from the Ministry of Science and Technology at Blockchain Grand Week. The award recognizes contributions to the spread of blockchain technology and the development of the industry. Our plans for 2023 will build on these efforts as we continue spreading Luniverse around the world!

Looking Ahead to 2023

We believe that 2023 will be the year that Web3 infrastructure grows more rapidly than ever, as companies and developers will be looking to build new, innovative Web3 solutions. As such, Luniverse will be expanding to enter the global Web3 community. We want to offer robust solutions for all enterprises and individuals looking to build in the Web3 space, so our 2023 upgrade to Luniverse NOVA will be open to developers very soon! More details about features and launch dates are coming soon, be sure to join our Luniverse community to be the first to find out.

We’re excited to show the world what Luniverse has to offer, and we also wish to thank you for your continued support of Luniverse and Lambda256. 

Join us for another explosive year of expansion and innovation!


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