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Blockchain for Every Industry

Lambda256 supports businesses in every industry to adopt blockchain technology and digital assets.


The game industry is one of the most promising areas that will lead to the mass adoption of blockchain technology. As ownership in the game can be redefined through blockchain, the game sector will go through significant changes. In traditional games, it was difficult to say that the gamer actually possesses a game item. However effort the gamer has put to earn the item, it is only usable inside the game. Using blockchain not only gives users trust in the probability of item drop, but also allows users to possess items permanently as digital assets in the blockchain network. Ultimately, users can enjoy the game, experiencing a more immersive contents by owning and trading items they can own not only inside the game but also in the real world.

BaaS for Game Sector

The possibility of a blockchain in the game sector is endless. A blockchain development platform specialized in game development allows game developers to focus on creating games that users can enjoy while easily utilizing blockchain.

Magnis Tembit

Case. Magnis Tembit

Magnis Tembit platform, which is built on Luniverse BaaS, provides game developers with chain as a service to help them develop blockchain game in a stable environment. Users can set up, implement, and manage all features of Tembit easily on the developer console. Gamers can trade blockchain-based digital assets within the game on Tembit Market, a blockchain game asset trading platform.

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