How JBCP Managed Digital Identity and Data Safely using Luniverse

Conducted as a project by Korea Health Industry Development Institute, Chonbuk National University Hospital Clinical Pharmacology Center and Seoul National University Hospital participated in the innovative solution platform project using a blockchain data management. It enabled the efficient verification of the traceability of clinical trial subjects, forgery and falsification of data, and real-time progress occurring in the course of clinical trials. 

We have solved the problem of personal information management and data forgery through Luniverse blockchain technology.

Improving Clinical Trial Efficiency
Clinical Pharmacology Center (JBCP)


The Clinical Pharmacology Center (JBCP) has conducted research and development to solve various problems that occur in the course of clinical trials that must be carried out before the release of a new drug. Currently, the importance of managing personal information of test subjects participating in clinical trials and data management occurring in clinical trials are emerging as important.

Among the various issues, the Clinical Pharmacology Center tried to solve three problems: the traceability of clinical trial subjects, forgery of data, and efficient confirmation of real-time progress, and we solved this problem through Luniverse’s blockchain service.

The Clinical Pharmacology Center (JBCP) is a platform with a dynamic consent system. Clinical trial participants can authenticate themselves through pass online. Researchers can easily manage clinical trial-related data (researcher list, consent documents, visit appointments, recruitment announcements).

In particular, as a function to manage the most important consent documents, we can manage multiple types of consent documents and manage them by version when updated. In addition, when uploading the consent document, we can sign and manage it offline or online through non-face-to-face or face-to-face signing options.

All of this data is stored on the blockchain. The consent document and signature are stored in the blockchain, and the consent document can check data forgery by actually showing the hash value, which is the core technology of the blockchain for tracking and detecting forgery.

Secure Identity Information, Luniverse DID

Decentralized Identity (DID) is a technology that securely proves digital identity and data that users themselves can own and control. Luniverse DID service provides certificate templates, intuitive authoring tools for creating proof scenarios, and various API support and Wallet SDK to institutions and companies that want to implement this.

DID is a base technology that can realize the right to personal information by allowing users to own and manage personal information, and selectively submit only necessary information, from the existing method in which a third-party (service provider) certification authority centralized and managed authentication information.

The decentralized authentication system proposed by DID technology is an authentication system that does not use a centralized authentication server.

DID system participants are largely divided into three main agents: Issuer, User: Holder, and Verifier. The Issuing Authority is literally an authority that issues credentials (Claim / Credential), and the credentials issued by the Issuing Authority are stored on the user’s device.

Users submit only as many of their credentials as necessary to Verification Body (service providers) that require them. In all of this process, we can check the authenticity of the credentials sent and received through the blockchain.

Flexible Verification Template Tool 

Credential template creation and distribution function for Issuers

Template public or private option available

Authentication scenario creation function for Verifier (service provider)

Authentication Scenarios based on SDR  

SDR (Selective Disclosure Request) based utilization

The issuance date or optional validity period for a specific period

Integration and individual credential creation possible

Multiple proof, one-time proof available

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