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Berry Store is a platform that connects the public and celebrities by applying block chain technology and that creates the culture where everyone donates and get reward. Berry Store has built a Luniverse-based Berry Token ecosystem within the platform, and a celebrity event platform that allows you to purchase points, deposit and use Berry Tokens in your wallet.

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Berry Store uses Luniverse-based blockchain technology to prevent charity fraud and embezzlement, a common issue among donor organizations, and allows users to trade coin (Berry) safely.

Berry Store Creates a Donation Culture and Reward System

Berry Store is a platform that connects the public and celebrities such as entertainers and YouTubers, by applying blockchain technology and creates a culture where everyone can donate and get rewards. Celebrities can provide goods or talents to fans through the Berry Store, and the fans can receive rewards by sharing the contents on social media or communities in addition to trading goods and talents.

Berry Store is a celebrity event platform that provides a new donation paradigm as a global event for good influence with the participation of celebrities, fans, and the general public.

Berry, a token used on the Berry Store platform, utilizes blockchain technology to help users trade coins safely. It is also possible to cash out through the exchange, and through this, users can monetize their profits with Berry Token. Berry Token is also used as a reward within the Berry Store platform. Celebrities, such as entertainers and YouTubers, post their profiles on Berry Store, and the fans acquires Berry Coin by promoting them through various social media activities and through the sharing function.

Berry Store on Luniverse Blockchain

 Q. Why did you join Luniverse?

Berry Store used Luniverse blockchain technology to make the donation of users more transparent and fair. The Berry Project aims to prevent the embezzlement of donations, a common issue among donor organizations, through Luniverse-based blockchain technology, and to establish a more transparent and correct social donation culture by recording all transactions by donation groups public. All transactions conducted in Berry Store use the cryptocurrency ‘Berry’, so when donation details are disclosed, data cannot be manipulated by applying blockchain technology is disclosed together.


Luniverse Trace

Luniverse Trace™ provides a service that helps apply a blockchain-based data verification and tracking system easily through Console and API.

 Simple Data Logging Process

Easily apply wherever records are needed
Easily apply block chain using console and API
Follow the tutorial to create a Trace service in 10 minutes

Easy and Seamless History Tracking 

Easy data and events view recorded on the blockchain with GUI
Event history tracking of the  management arget

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