How Aha Used Luniverse Loyalty API to Build Q&A Service 

Aha is a cryptocurrency Q&A reward service. Aha provides token incentives to users who ask good questions, provide good answers with a quality knowledge. Aha is a project that solves various abusing problems of existing platforms and builds a high-quality online knowledge ecosystem with users.

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As of December 2021

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As of December 2021

Luniverse Chain is a scalable infrastructure that can protect users' property and investment.

The Value of Our Knowledge, Aha

Aha has developed many functions in the Protocol Economy Ideology that “users can receive fair and reasonable rewards as much as they contribute to the service.” Aha has developed many functions in the protocol economy ideology that “users can receive fair and reasonable rewards as much as they contribute to the service.” After launching in January 2019, Aha has been successful in building a basic protocol economy by providing incentives using Chain and Utility Token after numerous failures.

Aha Token (AHT), a utility token that is used as a payment method in various services within the service, has monetary value in itself, is priced in the market, and provides Token as much as the user contributes to the activation of the aha service, and the received token itself will have liquidity.

Aha Token (AHT) is the currency of the Aha knowledge ecosystem that tokenizes the value of knowledge and experience. Aha is actually growing based on the protocol economic model, and is currently achieving continuous growth every month, with average monthly traffic of 2.5 million and cumulative Q&A content of 2 million.

Securing Trust Between Companies: Transparency

Q. Why did Aha become active based on Luniverse?

Aha tokens were initially issued and started as ERC-20-based tokens, but there was a risk that anyone could list our tokens on the exchange to activate trading at an unprepared and undesirable timing for us. We became the official partner of Luniverse in December 2019 to protect users from these risks in business, property and investment. We believe that the move from the Ethereum Public Chain to Luniverse was a very successful decision.

“Luniverse is being provided in the form of a service platform that can be run directly on the cloud without any expert knowledge on block chain. And it has the following advantages: First, it provides a convenient web interface that allows you to manipulate almost anything externally. This is very easy and can reduce development time.

And the method of self-paying by root can break away from the complicated Ethereum gas bill system. And having a partner that develops and expands rapidly to meet partner needs can open up business opportunities in various fields. Above all, Luniverse is the only service that can be developed based on the Best Full API of the block chain.”

– Inseung Lee, CEO of Aha

Loyalty Point ?

Loyalty Point is a block chain-based loyalty program provided by Luniverse.

Points created with Loyalty Point are accumulated and used on the Luniverse block chain, and as a digital asset, points can be exchanged between companies or converted into cash through an exchange.

Seamless Integration Process 


Easy integration with the existing point accumulation system

Easily apply block chain using console and API

Create loyalty points in 10 minutes by following the tutorial

Check Point Status Just in 10 Seconds

Point issuance and usage history  on the dashboard

Easy point management through GUI

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