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Environment to drive growth of SMB

Blockchain can be the key to enabling a small but strong company to maximize its potential. Lambda256 will help you realize innovative services using blockchain without over-investing in infrastructure so that more customers gain the benefit of new services.

Public Chain Support

The Luniverse Sidechain supports a variety of mainnets. All projects using different mainnets, such as ERC-20 issued by Ethereum Mainnet, KCT token issued by Klayton, EOS, Ontology, etc., can be linked to Luniverse. Connect public chains to Luniverse to take full advantage of the advantages of your current mainnet while delivering high throughput and reliable service.

DROPS Marketing Platform

DROPS is a token channeling service that supports services developed using Luniverse BaaS to airdrop their generated tokens. Businesses can pre-sale ERC-721-based game items before their official launch. Feel free to participate in the ecosystem Luniverse is creating with a variety of partners through DROPS.

Explore how blockchain can transform your business