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Loyalty Point

Our blockchain-based loyalty rewards programs have transformed the customer journey for over 10 million clients.

Create a Consolidated Loyalty Network

 Setting up and maintaining a customer loyalty program is costly, with third-party integrations costing upwards of $15,000/month for an enterprise-level solution In a survey conducted by KPMG, 78% of Americans are willing to use tokens as loyalty points from companies they already buy from – demonstrating tokenization as a way to boost a customer engagement with companies.

Tokenization can boost a consumer’s engagement with companies, and integrating blockchain into existing loyalty programs is the best way to introduce tokenization to customers.

Solution via Luniverse

We’ve created a consolidated loyalty network that integrates loyalty points across enterprises. Luniverse securely operates a consortium network with over 10 million users.

Expand your Network

Solidify a Strong Customer Base

- Expand loyalty point applications
- Amplify customer experience

Create Unique Business Opportunities

- Integrate your clients across enterprises
- Cut down on marketing costs

Provide Transactional Data

- Analyze consumer habits
- Get valuable insight into sales

Product Features

Luniverse Loyalty Point offers an easy to apply blockchain-based point system through its console and API. 

Streamlining Point Integration

View Distribution Status of your Loyalty Points within 10 seconds

Loyalty Point Use Case

HAU Alliance

In 2020, Luniverse built a blockchain-based loyalty program for HAU (Healthcare Alliance for U), a healthcare reward platform that integrates and manages customer benefits (miles) and data for various online and offline health care services. By building a transparent and reliable blockchain ecosystem for healthcare customers, Luniverse enabled providers and end users to interact in one system without intermediaries, streamlining execution for programs.

Customer Feedback

Feedback from Loyalty Program Users

This is a breakthrough service that transfers points from one company to another. I'll frequently buy from companies that offer this system.

Sanghoon Kim


I've been enjoying consolidating my loyalty points from ecommerce websites and converting them into actual money. I wish more companies could implement this system.

Hayoon Jung


I'm definitely more interested in loyalty point programs now that my spectrum of use expands!

Sungwoo Park


Interlink Loyalty Programs into One Cohesive Network.