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Luniverse DID

Your data in the palm of your hands.
A developer API service for SSI(Self-sovereign identity)

DID (Decentralized Identity)

DID(Decentralized Identity) promises a complete restructuring of the currently centralized physical and
digital identity ecosystem into a decentralized and democratized architecture (source: Forrester).

Luniverse DID services offer API and Wallet SDK services for organizations wanting to leverage DID to protect privacy
with highly secure user experiences.

Benefits of Decentralized Digital Identity (DID)

Data breach-related costs: average of $3.8 million
According to a recent report from IBM, Korean enterprises have paid out an average of $3.8m for data breach-related issues, with the most damage incurred in the healthcare industry, costing an average of $8.5m. This is a 10.5% increase from the previous year, with record-breaking damage to the healthcare industry in the last 10 years.
Digital Identity should be self-owned
While data breach-related costs have hurt enterprises' bottomline, granting apps and devices access to digital identity continues to be the status quo - putting privacy and security at risk for both customers and businesses.

How Does Decentralized Digital Identity (DID) Work?

Decentralized Identity enables a self-owned identifier system rooted in blockchain. Users can manage their own encrypted personal datastores and permissions selectively.  

The decentralized authentication system does not use a centralized authentication server.

There are three main parties involved in the DID system: Issuer (Issuer), User (User: Holder), and Verifier (Verifier).

The issuing authority is an authority that issues credentials (Claim / Credential), and the credentials issued by the issuing authority are stored on the user’s device.

Therefore, the user only submits their credentials as needed to validating bodies (service providers) that require them.

Throughout this process, you can check the authenticity of the credentials sent and received via the blockchain.

Product Features

Luniverse DID is an intuitive authoring tool for creating Credential templates and Verification scenarios, which includes support for API and Wallet SDK.

Flexible Credential Template Tools

SDR-based Authentication Scenarios

Digital Wallet SDK

Luniverse DID Benefits

데이터 주권 및 Identity의
새로운 디지털 경험

– 사용자 스스로가 소유하고 통제할 수 있는 데이터 주권 (SSI-Self sovereign identity) – 개인정보 입력 및 제출 최소화 – 최초 1번의 증명으로 인증서 발급후 재사용 – 여러 증명서의 조합 사용이 가능한 높은 재가용성

블록체인 기반의
신뢰 시스템

– 개인키 소유권 증명을 통한 투명성

– DID 소유자에 대한 익명성 보장

– 이더리움 기반의 각종 DApp 및 서비스에서 손쉽게 연동

– 기존 PKI 시스템 대비 구축, 유지비용, 관리측면의 높은 효율

증명서 관리의 편의성

– 디바이스 변경, 훼손, 분실 시 손쉬운 복구 – Key Vault 자동 백업 – 로컬 생체 인증 및 PIN을 통한 보안

인증서 제출시 필요한 정보만
선택적 노출 (프라이버시)

– 무분별한 개인 정보 수집 차단 효과 – 의도치 않은 개인 정보 노출 제어

보상 프로그램을 통한
참여 확대 가능

– 진정한 데이터 주권 실현

– Digital Asset 보상 (i.e., 토큰, 포인트, 쿠폰/바우처 등)

– DID 앱 내 지갑 기능을 이용한 손쉬운 토큰 이코노미 구축

비접촉 무인 인터페이스

– DID 앱 없이도 인증서 제출 (높은 사용성)

– 디바이스 소지가 불가능한 특수한 장소

– 3D Depth Pinhole 카메라 + 클라우드 에이전트 (개인 키 금고)

Use Cases

Set the stage for business success with Luniverse DID. 

Contactless and Touchless Verification
Interface (Kiosks)

Yanolja x Luniverse DID
Contactless check-ins with ID and reservation verification
Cloud DID biometric identification
Touchless interface

Entry Management System

DID-based entry and visitor record
Digital ID through the Miim app

Authenticity Guarantee

Digital guarantee services for authentication of luxury goods.
Increased brand integrity through management of ownership and provenance.

Apply DID to your Existing Services Now