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Blockchain Insights

Lambda256 x Shinhan Securities Initiate Proof-of-Concept to Promote STO Business

  [Lambda256 x Shinhan Securities Initiate Proof-of-Concept to Promote STO Business] Shinhan Securities announced on December 5th that
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Service Checklist for Successful NFT Deployment

  Entering the NFT Market Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are unique digital assets that contain identification codes and Metadata
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Fandom and Blockchain: The Next Evolution towards Web3

Nicole Cho, Global BD of Lambda256 presented “How We Built a Major Blockchain and NFT Platform on AWS Cloud” on AWS Blockchain Day 2022 held at AWS Startup Loft New York.
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Blockchain economy consulting for Enterprise to penetrate into the Web3 market

Introduction to Luniverse Chain Solutions & Blockchain Consulting Lambda256 provides an eco-friendly blockchain service platform called ‘Luniverse’ based
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Green NFT: Web3 and Sustainability for Green Planet

What Luniverse has been doing for sustainability in blockchain Pursuing environmental sustainability is no longer an option but
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Luniverse UseCase: Upbit NFT Marketplace

2021 was the year of NFT. In 2020, the total trade volume of NFT was roughly $94.9 million,
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